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As soon as you decide to make your investment in the USA and you want to buying a house in America, InvestHome projects are ready for you.


We are waiting for you with investment opportunities that are suitable for your budget and rental expectations. You also have rent in dollars.


We take care of all after-sales operations, from renting your home to insurance, maintenance and repair.

Projects On Sale

We are happy to present you our Gems Of The City projects that you can invest in in Washington DC. Our houses, located in the most exclusive area of the city, began to shine like jewels. Of course, it is not a coincidence that we see our projects rising in these prestigious neighborhoods as precious stones...
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309 H Street

Home Owners in the USA with Investhome

Kadir Köseoğlu
At a time when investing is fraught with unknowns, I appreciate InvestHome for making the unknown predictable and manageable.

AON Turkey, Assistant General Manager
Nilgün Gönenç
I hoped to send my children to study overseas in the future. I made rapid success with Investhome and have already begun to invest in my university tuition.
Hakan Özsancak
It feels terrific to have invested in the United States. “What will happen tomorrow?” you do not contemplate. I’d recommend it to everyone.

BOMA International, Vice President
Ayça Erbay
At first, the prospect of owning a home in America seemed far away. “How can I take care of a house on the other side of the world?” I wondered, but Investhome answered all my questions. I made my investment with confidence. I’m glad I did.
KIKO MILANO TURKEY, Marketing Manager
Umut Uzuner
I really enjoyed it. Good luck to whoever came up with the idea. You may buy a property in America right here. You’re not interested in renting, maintaining, or fixing anything. My mind is very relaxed.

Esra Gönülkırmaz
I always had on my mind to invest in the USA, but I was afraid about “how can I accomplish it, how can I follow it”. It’s a fortunate thing I met Mr. Sever. The entire procedure went just as he stated. Thank you very much for your assistance.


Let the United States of America be your tenant!

The United States of America, which has the strongest economy in the world, Washington D.C. It is a city developed by supporting tenants in need of social assistance with the highest budget under the State Rent Support Program (DCHA). Landlords in the United States sign a lease agreement with the state after signing a lease with prospective tenants who benefit from this program.

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Easy Investment with 30 Year Mortgage

Meet the easiest part of investment! In the United States, Investhome Inc. You will have the opportunity to use a 30-year loan with your rental investment. With this opportunity, you can continue your investment easily and safely.

Your Home is Entrusted to Us!

As a landlord representative, all tenant relationships are owned by Investhome Inc. maintained by. All repairs, maintenance and repairs, negotiations with the tenant, property garbage tax etc. of the real estate you will buy. bureaucratic procedures are followed by us on your behalf.

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Highlights on Buying a Home from the USA Blog

With Investhome, you can be informed about all current developments and investment opportunities in the USA with our blog posts about buying a house in the USA.

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USA Home Prices

US house prices vary by state. Buying a house in America contains very serious investment opportunities both for those who want to live in America actively, and for those who want to rent the house they buy and earn $ rent. As soon as you decide to make your investment in the USA and you want to buy a house in the USA, InvestHome projects are ready for you.

What Kind of Investment Is Buying a House in America, What Does InvestHome Offer You?

You can get the advantages of buying a house in America and investment advice with InvestHome. For InvestHome customers, it ensures the execution of insurance processes, the use of the mortgage system, the realization of rental transactions, the continuation of maintenance and repair processes, and home management. All processes are carried out on behalf of the customers with the after-sales services.

Why Choose InvestHome for Home Investing in America?

I want to buy a house for sale in America and when you say you want to invest, InvestHome projects are ready for you. We carry out studies in continuous research and follow-up for our customers on issues such as rental house prices in the USA. We have a solid partnership structure. Our project partners Dila Development Construction and District Growth have completed and delivered more than 500 constructions and approximately 10,000 residences, helping our trust network to expand continuously. Our company offers a rental service guaranteed by the US Government Support Program. If you want to have a rental income in dollars, we are waiting for you with investment opportunities that are suitable for your budget and rental expectations.

Our Top Questions?

No, you don’t need to go to America. Washington D.C. and our offices in Istanbul carry out all the principles on your behalf.

Young population growth with an average age of 33.8 years, solid economic foundations, long-term stability, high quality of life, rental in local currency for investment in USD, return planning, USA. being in the top 20 in the list of attractive markets for investment… ( Source PWC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019 Research. Local Investor Demand List – 19th; Markets to Watch List 18th , S. Atlantic Florida region Miami and F. Lauderdale 4th row just in front of )

No. It is completely dependent on your investment desire.

Yes. The title deed of the house you bought from America is in your name.

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