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If you decide to make your investment in the USA and , InvestHome projects are ready for you.


We take care of all after-sales operations, from renting your home to insurance, maintenance and repair.

Projects On Sale

We are happy to present you our Gems Of The City projects that you can invest in in Washington DC. Our houses, located in the most exclusive area of ​​the city, began to shine like jewels. Of course, it is not a coincidence that we see our projects rising in these prestigious neighborhoods as precious stones...

Home Owners in the USA with Investhome

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Çocuklarımı ileride yurtdışında okutmak istiyordum. Investhome ile çok hızlı yol aldım, şimdiden üniversite eğitimleri için gerekli birikim yapmaya başladım.

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Yatırımı ABD’de yapmış olmak harika bir duygu. “Yarın acaba ne olur?” diye düşünmüyorsun. Herkese tavsiye ederim.

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İlk başta Amerika’da ev sahibi olma fikri çok uzak geldi. “Dünya’nın öteki ucundaki evle nasıl ilgilenebilirim ki?” ama Investhome aklımdaki tüm soruları sildi. Gönül rahatlığıyla yatırımımı yaptım. İyi ki de yapmışım.
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Çok beğendim. Kim düşündüyse aklına sağlık. Buradan Amerika’da ev alıyorsun. Kiralanmasıyla, bakımıyla, onarımıyla ilgilenmiyorsun. Kafam çok rahat.

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Let the United States of America be your tenant!

The United States of America, which has the strongest economy in the world, is located in Washington D.C. It is a city developed by supporting tenants in need of social assistance with the highest budget under the State Rent Support Program (DCHA). Landlords in the United States sign a lease agreement with the state after signing a lease with prospective tenants who benefit from this program.

1500x1500 kiraciniz

Easy Investment with 30 Year Mortgage

Meet the easiest part of investing! In the United States, Investhome Inc. You will have the opportunity to use a 30-year loan with your rental investment. With this opportunity, you can continue your investment easily and safely.

Your Home is Entrusted to Us!

As a landlord representative, all tenant relationships are owned by Investhome Inc. maintained by. All repairs, maintenance and repairs, negotiations with the tenant, property garbage tax etc. of the real estate you will buy. bureaucratic procedures are followed on your behalf by us.



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Buying a House in America

Buying a house in America is one of the investment tools that many people dream of. People used to talk about the difficulties of owning a home in America. However, Investhome Inc has made this possible with its innovations and initiatives in this sector. With easy steps and professional guidance, it works for its customers on the right moves to be made in this regard. Thanks to Investhome Inc, it is possible to be a homeowner in the United States of America and earn long-term profits from it.

One of the best investment methods is the purchase of real estate. With the valuation of the real estate in the future, people earn profits either through sales or rental income.

Professional Support When Buying a House in the USA

The most important information about real estate investment with its experienced team. Investhome Inc. to help you make a good choice. It provides. After 20 years of experience, it continues its activities with the state rent support system, taking power from the US economy. It operates as a construction and investment consultancy firm. Discovering that Washington DC is the most profitable investment region in the short and long term, the company is building houses with magnificent designs, especially in this region.

It is very important to get professional support in real estate investments. The company, with its careful and detailed studies; It provides support to its customers in the fields of insurance, mortgage and rental, making it easier to own a house in the USA. It supports making the right choices for the gateway to investment, even after-sales operations are undertaken by the company.

Have a Home in America Step by Step

The opportunity to buy a house in the USA for Turkish investors is provided by working with support programs within Investhome. You have the right to choose the project you want from the prepared houses. The projects consist of structures built with meticulous studies. After the project selection, special campaign options offered within the projects are offered to customers. Customers still have the freedom to choose the most suitable campaign for them. All after-sales operations, including management, belong to the company.

Special support is provided to customers with down payment rates determined specifically for selected campaigns. Transactions carried out within the scope of contracts can be signed with a notary public if desired.

Opening and activating bank accounts is also done within Investhome. Payments supported by contracts are carried out between the accounts opened to you. After the end of the purchase and sale transactions, transactions are carried out within the scope of system preferences such as insurance and mortgage.

After the completion of the steps, work is started within the scope of the rental in the USA system. The most suitable tenant is found and they are taken to the house within the scope of the State Rental Support program. Again, all the rights of the clients are meticulously protected in the transactions carried out within the contract. Rents are transferred to personal accounts opened at the end of each month. While the system is running without extra taxes, Investhome is responsible for taking care of the house and executing the rest.

Why Should You Become a Home Owner in America?

To own a home in the USA; There are no compelling conditions such as being an American citizen or living in the United States. This advantage makes buying a house easy. Examining the projects and choosing the most suitable and pleasing one is the only compelling issue left to you. Real estates built as a result of beautiful and detailed studies are offered with special campaigns within their own scope.

When deciding to own a home, a choice should be made with foreseeable future economic impact. America, and especially the Washington DC region, is ahead of other places in every respect. Its location, which is open to development and politically important, ensures the continuous valuation of real estate. Making a choice that will be valued in the future will increase the income to be obtained in the long run.

As a result of short transaction times, it is possible to start earning rental income as a landlord in the USA. With the selection of real estates that will continue to be valued continuously in the future, it can be ensured that the investment will bring in the best possible level of income.

With the support of the professional team, Investhome carries out the transactions for you in all pre-sales and post-sales processes. After finding and buying the house and executing legal proceedings, insurance processes are also undertaken by the company. Investhome Inc’s experienced staff ensures the progress of the processes without any grievances, with the programs included in the rental processes. With the rental support program offered by America, it is possible to earn a continuous and valuable income. As a long-term, reliable and profitable investment tool, you can contact Investhome Inc by making an appointment to have one of the carefully designed houses in America.

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