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Investhome, which has over 20 years of experience in real estate investment, is a construction and investment advisory firm that operates within the boundaries of the State Rental Support Program by leveraging the power of the US economy.
Emin Berk Sever and Doğa Doğan founded Investhome in 2017, which creates houses like pearls in the heart of Washington DC.
It provides you with undiscovered revenue with a specially selected inventory in your real estate investments as part of the framework of the State Rental Support Program.
Investhome also handles after-sales services for you, such as insurance, financing, rental, maintenance, and repair.

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Emin Berk Sever

CEO, Co Founder

Investhome Inc. Our founder Emin Berk Sever answered the questions you wondered about.

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Emin Berk SEVER

CEO, Co Founder

Our founder Emin Berk Sever answered the questions you wondered about Investhome Inc.


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CFO, Founding Partner
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Samantha GIMPEL

Management Services Manager, Mortgage Specialist
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Sales Manager
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Investment Advisor
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Investment Advisor
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Investment Advisor
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Investment Advisor

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Home Owners in the USA with Investhome

Kadir Köseoğlu
At a time when investing is fraught with unknowns, I appreciate InvestHome for making the unknown predictable and manageable.

AON Turkey, Assistant General Manager
Nilgün Gönenç
I hoped to send my children to study overseas in the future. I made rapid success with Investhome and have already begun to invest in my university tuition.
Hakan Özsancak
It feels terrific to have invested in the United States. “What will happen tomorrow?” you do not contemplate. I’d recommend it to everyone.

BOMA International, Vice President
Ayça Erbay
At first, the prospect of owning a home in America seemed far away. “How can I take care of a house on the other side of the world?” I wondered, but Investhome answered all my questions. I made my investment with confidence. I’m glad I did.
KIKO MILANO TURKEY, Marketing Manager
Umut Uzuner
I really enjoyed it. Good luck to whoever came up with the idea. You may buy a property in America right here. You’re not interested in renting, maintaining, or fixing anything. My mind is very relaxed.

Esra Gönülkırmaz
I always had on my mind to invest in the USA, but I was afraid about “how can I accomplish it, how can I follow it”. It’s a fortunate thing I met Mr. Sever. The entire procedure went just as he stated. Thank you very much for your assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Young population growth with an average age of 33.8, having a solid economic foundation, long-term stability, high quality of life, renting the investment made in USD in local currency, return planning,

The USA is in the top 20 on the list of attractive markets for investment… (Source PWC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019 Research. Local Investor Demand List – 19th; Markets to Watch List 18th, S. Atlantic Florida region Miami and F. Lauderdale just in front of the 4th row)

It amounts to approximately 2% of the sale price of the house. The total sales price stated on our site includes the costs of buying and selling. Amortization periods are calculated by including these costs.

No. It is completely dependent on your investment desire.

Turkish nationals are eligible to use mortgages. The financial institution has access to the terms, necessary paperwork, and guarantees. The Investhome team also helps with mortgage requests at the same time.

If the buyer complies with his commitments, the sales period is set at one day following the house selection.

Finding renters who are eligible for the Rental Support Program is a service offered by the Post Deed Investhome D.C. office.

If you’d like, Investhome Inc. can make arrangements on your behalf for things like insurance, property taxes, and tenant relations.

It is sufficient to submit your request to our Investhome office in Washington, D.C., without the need to travel to America.

Your American real estate investment has nothing to do with your visa or Green Card.

You do not need to go to America. Our offices in Istanbul and Washington, D.C. implement all the principles on your behalf.

Yes. You hold the title deed to the home you bought in America.

Income tax is exclusively paid to the USA by the double taxation agreement between the USA and Turkey. In Turkey, there is no tax on your investment.

Every real estate listing on investhome.com.tr has a projected rent that was calculated using the numbers from the management’s list of rental support programs. The program, which has been running for more than ten years, currently benefits 10,500 families, while thousands of other families are on the waiting list. This program covers 3,400 owner-owned properties. D.C.’s Rental Support budget for the previous fiscal year was set at 130 million USD to enhance citizens’ quality of life and support the city’s expanding economy.

DC, Washington It is the American city with the most budget allocated to the Rent Support Program. Rent aid is given to deserving veterans, the elderly, single parents, and families with children under the purview of this program. The rent levels to be paid by the state in the districts chosen within the framework of this program are chosen based on the types of houses, and the rentals of the tenants who fit the right profile are paid by the state. The program, which has been running for more than ten years, currently benefits 10,500 families, while thousands of other families are on the waiting list. This program covers 3,400 owner-owned properties. D.C.’s rental support budget for the previous fiscal year was 130 million USD, with the goal of enhancing citizens’ quality of life and fostering the city’s burgeoning economy.

The monthly management fee is 8% of the rent in Washington D.C. This amount is collected monthly by deducting it from your rental income.

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