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Let the United States of America be your tenant

Yayınlayan investhome 12 January 2023

Investhome inc provides the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities offered to prospective tenants who are eligible for government support program. Some tenant candidates are selected within the program. Rental returns of selected tenant candidates and investors are secured. It is not possible for investors to encounter a negative situation thanks to the rental income that is secured with the support and assurance of the state. The income of the investors is secured with the support of the state and the continuity of the income is ensured. Investhome ensures that all its customers benefit from this advantage.

Rent payments secured by the United States of America are regularly transferred to the account of investors every month.

The United States of America is among the countries with the strongest economy in the world. Within the scope of DCHA, the Washington DC State Rental Support Program, tenants in need of social assistance are supported. This service is maintained with the highest budget. There are also many magnificent projects belonging to Investhome on the developed city that supports its tenants. In this way, the future of the investors is guaranteed with the state-guaranteed rental support after the selection of the appropriate real estate.

Owning a Home in the United States

People who do research on owning a house in the USA also conduct research on how this investment can be evaluated. Home buyers in the USA sign contracts with prospective tenants within the program. After the contract, another contract is signed with the state. In this way, the income security of the investors is assured. These contracts prevent investors from being disappointed afterwards.

With this system, the USA makes regular rent determinations for all neighborhoods and house types in the Washington DC area. House types etc. published on the official site. House prices arranged according to variables are open to access. is the website where official information is given on this issue.
In line with the contracts made, the rent of the prospective tenant is regularly transferred to the accounts of the investors. Regular and controlled rent increases are made every year. A regular monthly rent payment is made on behalf of the tenants. Investors’ incomes are secured by regular rental payments. With regular increases, it is ensured that the values ​​of the houses are preserved. House values ​​increase every year according to the conditions of the region. This increase also affects the value of the house and therefore the amount of rent.

The Advantages of Buying a House in America

Quality of life is an important criterion for Washington DC residents. It is aimed to protect and even increase the quality of life. There is a development in the city that tends to grow continuously. In order to support the economy, the state pays rent support. The amount of aid provided by the state is over 100 million dollars. Within the scope of rental assistance;

  • 15400 child citizens
  • 6200 senior citizens
  • 10700 disabled citizens
  • Aid is provided to 1034 veterans and 50000 US citizens in need. This order of aid is expected by over thousands of people.

Washigbton DC region, which is a region open to continuous development, is a country that is open to development politically, geopolitically and economically. Its open-to-development structure requires sensitivity towards the residents of the region. In this context, it is known as a region that actively takes part in state rent aid projects. The absence of citizenship or residency requirements to own a home in Washington DC is a huge advantage. Investors who take advantage of this advantage make profits both in the short and long term.

Providing rental income from America on a regular basis every month ensures that people’s investments are in a cycle where their investments are constantly valued. The economic value of houses is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, the rental income is increasing. The increase in the value of the rental income allows the earnings to increase more and more each year. In addition to the increase in the value of the house, renting in foreign currency is the best investment for most investors. Thanks to the Investhome team, buying a house in the USA with areas that will not be damaged and open to development and value increase is realized with easy steps.

Thanks to the privileges offered by Investhome Inc to its customers, all processes of owning a house, renting a house and earning are easily overcome. During transactions that are in compliance with the procedures and guaranteed by the contracts, Investhome also deals with issues such as home management and owning a house in the USA with a mortgage. Long-term repayment options are among the reasons why Investhome is preferred.

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