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Yayınlayan investhome 12 January 2023

High-yielding investment toolsare a boon for almost all investors. With more than 20 years of experience, Investhome serves its customers in the real estate sector, which is among the best investment tools. When it comes to real estate investment preference, the right choice can be made with Investhome staff. A team of professionals who do their job meticulously serve in the company, which is backed by the high power of the US economy. Studies are carried out in cooperation with the USA State Rental Support program.

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In the company where magnificent real estate constructions have been carried out since 2017, houses are defined as jewels. With a team with superior knowledge and experience in real estate investments, every stage of the process is easily carried out. Ensuring 100% satisfaction of customers in terms of trust is among the principles.

Why should you work with Investhome?

With Investhome, you can get the advantages of real estate investment advice with the United States. For Investhome customers, it ensures the execution of insurance processes, the use of the Mortgage system, the realization of rental transactions, the continuation of maintenance and repair processes, and home management. All processes are carried out on behalf of customers with after-sales services.

After choosing a house and choosing the right campaign, Investhome is with you at every stage with the assurance of renting and the management. It is not a dream to own a house in the USA with a company operating as a construction company in the USA. With the slogan of “door to investment”, the company prevents any victimization with the campaigns and contracts that are valid in legal status.

The company, where house sales are made in the USA, provides full customer satisfaction in finance and management services. At the American level, administration services are provided at a very reasonable rate for most states. On average, it is possible to talk about a rate of 10%, but Investhome provides this service to its own customers at a lower rate of 6%. The company, which has sold over 200 houses in just 5 years, has a high reliability rate.

The Advantages of Investhome

Continuous research and follow-up studies are carried out for its customers on issues such as US rental house prices. It has a solid partnership structure. The project partners Dila Development Construction and District Growth have completed and delivered more than 500 constructions and approximately 10,000 residences, helping to continuously expand the trust network. The firm offers a rental service that is guaranteed through the US Government Support Program.
The location of the projects is carefully chosen. Each of the projects is located in the most valuable locations of the Washington DC area. In this way, it is aimed that the customers will be homeowners in the areas where they will make the most profit, and that they will get rental income in dollars at an ever-increasing price.

Investhome has chosen the most valuable areas of the Washington DC region as its operating area. The reason for this is that the region, which has a young population increase, has solid economic foundations. The long-term stability and the high quality of life not only ensure the rental is guaranteed, but also help to increase the income continuously. Rental income in dollars shows a continuous increase due to the exchange rate difference. USA washington DC region is in the top 20 in the list of the most interesting markets.

With the Mortgage system, which is also offered to Turkish citizens, savings are facilitated. Investhome’s professional team assists its customers at every stage for their Mortgage requests. The title deed of the house bought from America is on you. Investhome provides support on topics such as US Mortgage calculation. Investhome Inc, if requested; It also provides management services by providing the execution of issues such as tenant relations, property taxes on your behalf. It is possible to benefit from home management service with a low price of 6% of the rent. If the purchased house is requested to be sold, the professional team ensures that this request is also fulfilled.

Being included in the state rental support system, which is supported and offered by the company, ensures that the rental income is guaranteed. The program provides US rental assistance to certain groups of people. For you, the tenant is a kind of USA. Thousands of families are waiting in line to apply to this support program, which benefits approximately 10,500 families and a total of 50,000 people.

With its professional perspective, years of trust and superior experience, Investhome Inc provides you with support in every way in making the investment that will generate rental income with dollars.

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